Getting by

July 30, 2007

How many times have you been asked or asked someone “How are you?” only to hear “Oh, just getting by…” in that distinct Eeyore voice we’re all familiar with.

Let me suggest another way of phrasing it: “Oh, just settling.”

Why settle? Why just “get by”? Why not go for it, everyday, even if others around you are comfortable with settling. Even if you “going for it” makes them uncomfortable. It’s a choice we all make, each day.

…How are you?



4 Responses to “Getting by”

  1. ben4rest said

    Good point. Good lesson.

    It’s also your own fault for bringing up such a trite conversation in the first place. It very well could be that someone literally is “just getting by,” even if they are “going for it”. I don’t think you can always equate “getting by” with “settling”.

    “How are you?” should never be used in passing. It creates a setting that is conducive to judging others.

    Now, if I can just apply this thinking to myself…

  2. Hmm… Agreed “How are you?” can be used way too flippantly.

    I was thinking more of the face to face question and not so much the hallway walk-by where you don’t even turn around to give your answer, but just keep going.

    No matter where the question is asked we communicate a lot about how we feel by the way we respond – our tone and body language. What we say only makes up 7% of what we’re telling people.

    Some are “just getting by” – and really going after it to do that.

    If we’re “just getting it” or “settling” in the Eeyore sense of it (I’m talking to myself here just as much as anyone else), people around us know it. Many words or few – the other 93% of our communication tells them all about it.

    … and now to quote the infamous Joe Dirt…

    “Life is a garden, dig it?”

  3. Your blog’s been reaped by everyone’s favorite reaper – The Blog Reaper!

    Stop by to read your blog’s obituary and see what fate has wrought!

    (I’ve been working on that…does it sound rehearsed?)

  4. Luke said

    Thanks for sharing your story, Jon. I really appreciated it. You’ve definitely done more than “just get by” and I can fully understand your perspective on the phrase.

    I guess what I wonder at more is what makes up the difference between someone passionately seeking their life purpose and someone just filling space, killing time and sucking wind.

    Is it hope? Confidence? Revelation?

    Whatever it is, I’d love to deliver it to the masses.

    p.s. don’t let your site get reaped. Come back and share what’s on your mind. It’s good stuff.

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