Everyone has a story. Perhaps more importantly, everyone is part of a story. Sometimes we choose the story we’re in. Other times it’s not up to us.

Whatever the case, it’s a natural human urge to talk about where we are in the story, where we’ve been, where we’d like to go and everything we’ve noticed along the way. Moments petty to some, profound to others, are all part of the story.

Some tell their story to encourage and inspire. Others to hold on to something in the story, good or bad, and to ask you to hold on with them.

A select group with innate skill or determined focused have become artists in the craft of story-telling; painting pictures with words that ignite our minds, emotions and spirits. Still others tell their story just because it’s fun to tell.

Then there are those that tell their story because it is so close to the core of who they are. It has shaped and formed them in some way. The story has birthed something inside them, and to not share it would mean to deny the expectancy and it’s full delivery.

I think my proverbial water just broke…

Here we go…

Part 1 >



2 Responses to “Story”

    • I know your mom and she has told us some of your story. We are so glad you have the peace of God with you. Our Lord is the great healer and we thank Him for your healing. Praise God!

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